Our services

Interior design

We are the reference of an exquisite taste in the area of decoration and art, committed to customers who are interested in improving the design and decoration of their spaces.

We combine knowledge, analysis and research with a vision of aesthetics, creativity and discipline. We work closely with our clients to develop design solutions that are safe, functional and attractive to meet the needs based on the pattern of space used.

We design Artistic Interiors planned for any size of space, including offices, restaurants, halls and private residences.

Analysis and Design of Structures

Building in general, bridges (vehicular and pedestrian). Designs in different materials: concrete, steel, masonry, mixed.

Analysis and design of prestressed elements

Floor systems in their presentations: alveolar plates, beam and vault, tubular beams, post-tensioned slabs, pre-slabs. Prefabricated systems: columns, beams, drawers for sewers, duct boxes, facades.

Calculation and analysis of façades

Analysis and review of glass facades type wall-curtain, stick, and other variants. Review of anchoring systems, aluminum structural elements, union seals, glass capacity.

Architectural services and realization of integral project

Proposals and architectural designs, interior design, facades (finishes), renders, project in revit.

Structural dictators and consulting of structural projects

Revisions of existing projects to know their current structural situation, requiring the application of tests (preferably non-destructive). Structural rehabilitation

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